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Bright Lights Innovations, LLC (BLI) is a boutique management / educational consulting and organizational development firm and a leading advisor in the field of Creativity and Innovation strategy and execution.  BLI provides leaders of private, public and non-profit organizations the guidance and the tools for creative and strategic thinking that enable them to ...


IDENTIFY their needs, 

   IDEATE their solutions, 

      IMPLEMENT actionable plans  

         INTEGRATE new methods, skills and attitudes.


Status quo will be maintained if only well-established systems and standard thinking is utilized.  BLI helps leaders envision better ways of operating to take their organizations well beyond current thinking.  The willingness to explore new thinking and mold it to create a new reality is the job of those who see and desire a better tomorrow.

Better tomorrows bring brighter futures when there is a commitment to build, integrate and sustain 21st century skills to go beyond the classroom,  Therefore, we believe it is essential to partner with and challenge schools to develop frameworks for teaching and learning that provide rich learning experiences that weave creativity, learning and problem-solving into instructional practice.  The acquisition of discrete skills and the development of deep thinking and learning creatively are paramount to the success of each and every student.

BLI supports clients, evolving or mature, as they journey through the development of innovative structures to create change.  New thinking and action require vision and guts to realize a new paradigm.  Being able to tolerate the ambiguity and the work to identifying, ideating, implementing and integrating™productive change, or taking the risk to make a change and embrace the complexity of novelty can be enhanced through deliberate methods.  We believe that understanding where you are in the creative process and what to do next to accelerate your thinking to envision a new reality is the key to success.



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