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Our Work

Since the early beginnings, humankind seems to have an innate ability to create and thrive among the many obstacles they encountered in life.  Although the curiosity of this phenomena had been explored and studied in years past only in the last sixty years has an awareness of this human gift and any major applied research contributions been documented.  Today, the science of creativity has been enabling individuals, teams, and organizations to find value in how they learn, think and solve challenges and how best to use this ability to their advantage.

Allow us the opportunity to enable, inspire and engage in your next challenge through.

  • Bring about Change through Deliberate Process – Involving people in the change; inspires them and enables them to be part of the change. With Facilitated Creative Problem-solving sessions, we guide or will train a diverse team to work on your toughest business challenges. We help the team identify the problem statement, reach for useful and novel ideas, and develop and strengthen them for implementation.


  • Create Innovative Leaders – Even the most respected organizations, are failing to adapt to change, implement a strategy or prepare for an uncertain future. Building upon Leadership Strategy & Development, we tailor leadership training that targets the specific gaps we’ve identified together in your leadership needed to achieve your strategy and objectives.


We offer our clients:

Consulting ...   Facilitation  ...   Coaching 

  • Formulating strategic purpose & direction

  • Design and deliver targeted programming

  • Creative thinking toolset

  • Research-based content, materials, and skillsets

  • Enhance Organizational “readiness” for Innovation

  • Creative Process;  Creative Problem solving (CPS), Design thinking, Lean thinking, Agile development, and others.

  • Established common language within the organization about “creativity” for outcomes & results

  • Development of deep thinking and learning

  • Frameworks for teaching and learning that weave creative learning and problem solving into instructional practice

  • Systemic approach to coaching

  • Systemic approach to organizational development

  • Rigorous evaluation ensuring ROI

  • A combination of the right content and right technology

  • Building high performance & Innovative teams

  • 3 R’s   Richness . . .   Rigor . . .  Relevancy

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