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Creative Problem Solving (CPS) was used to transform a static ten-year-old county-wide economic development unified planning process into a fully formed Butler County Growth Collaborative, Butler County, PA within six months.
(CPS): An open-ended problem-solving process that seeks to take a predicament and find opportunity(ies).

The County is 6th place nationally in “job growth” ... 2018 GDP. $57.5 million in infrastructure ... 9% unemployment reduced to 3.3% setting the pace for the region around Allegheny County and City of Pittsburgh, PA.  

Mark Gordon, Butler County, Chief of Economic Development

& Planning Founder of the “Butler County Growth Collaborative”


“Bright Lights was able to take a group of individuals and worked through a process to get them from “I” to “We.”

“Part of that was, first, meeting group members where they were at because everybody was in a different place. Secondly, was trying to get them to recognize their own tendencies and learning styles through some examinations and activities and then putting it in front of them so that they could see.  They opened people’s vision and widened their perspective”. 

“Without any reservation I’d recommend them.  They are approachable and they meet everyone in their own human frailties and make them feel comfortable in their skin.”

Joe Saeler, Executive Director, Community Development 

Corporation of Butler County


“The most creative thing was getting us outside our mindset. Bright Lights did an excellent job taking it a step further but always bringing us back to where we began.

*100 percent happy with the result. I would have to say Bright Lights is by far the best consultant I’ve worked with. Very, very professional, patient and they put a lot of time into it. Very proud of Joanna and Tony. They did an excellent job.”

Dr. Nicholas C. Neupauer, President BC3 – Butler County 

Community College


I would give Bright Lights Innovations the strongest of endorsements.

“The Butler County Growth Collaborative was literally a decade in the making with lots of resistance to change and plenty of stops and starts.  We decided to bring in a third party, Bright Lights, to help eliminate the politics and the agendas. They brought the players together and, in the end, they provided a unique, transformative and great blueprint to move us forward. Nothing would have been possible without Bright Lights Innovations.”

Stan Kosciuszko, President, Butler County Pa. Chamber of Commerce  


“I thought it was extremely beneficial to have a third party to oversee this collaborative meeting because the individuals involved in the collaborative are all strong individuals with their own backgrounds and agendas, and their own agencies that they work for”.

”Bright Lights was able to transcend that and work at the mission and not at the components of the 

working group.  They did it in a very logical and methodical business type of way, which was evident on the tail end but not on the front end”.

“I have worked with a multitude of groups in my career and I’ve had many jobs and I’ve found them to been one of the most effective.”

A few statistics about Butler County:

• The County is 6th place nationally in “job growth”, 2018 GDP 

• Ranked 1st in PA Commonwealth Real estate development, - $382 million, 2017 onward 

• 311 patents registered with US Patent Office for Butler County Businesses 

• $57.5 million in infrastructure

• 9% unemployment reduced to 3.3 % setting the pace for the region around Allegheny County
and City of Pittsburgh, PA 

• Butler County Community College ranked #1 College in PA for three consecutive years in a row.    

Economic Development

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